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George Erickson -
author and world traveler

spacer George Erickson is a retired dentist, a former chairman of the Worthington, MN Airport Commission, a past president of the Nobles County Art Center and the recent Vice Pres. of the Minnesota Seaplane Pilots' Association.
spacer He is past president of the MN Humanists, a former VP of the American Humanist Assoc., and a member of the Thorium Energy Alliance and the National Center for Science Education.
spacer George's articles have appeared in a wide variety of magazines, a few being Motorcycle Tour and Cruiser, Mpls/St Paul Magazine, Airways, Private Pilot, Outdoor Canada, Northern Pilot, Cessna Flyer, the Minnesota Journal of Law and Politics, and Arctic in Colour.
spacer He has spent parts of 38 summers exploring northern Quebec, Nunavut, the Yukon and NW Territories and Alaska with a variety of floatplanes and amphibians. His adventures led to his first book, True North: Exploring the Great Wilderness by Bush Plane, which is its 4th printing - also an eBook - in the US and Canada, where it spent three months on Canada's Coast to Coast best seller list.
spacer His second book, Time Traveling with Science and the Saints - an overview of the long conflict between science and religion - soon followed, and his third book, Back to the Barrens: On the Wing with da Vinci & Friends, his much-requested sequel to True North, arrived in 2008.
spacer True North and Back to the Barrens both carry the endorsement of multi-million-copy-author Clive Cussler.
Eyes Wide Open: Living Laughing, Loving and Learning in a Religion-troubled World, an anthology of new and published fiction and non-fiction published in 2010 by the American Humanist Association, is his fourth book. It is also an eBook.
spacer In Unintended Consequences, the author's 5th book, George Erickson exposes the lie that created our extreme radiation safety standards, the damage those regulations have caused and his contempt for "greens" who profit from promoting 30% efficient, carbon-reliant solar panels and bird, bat and human-killing, CO2-producing windmills, but oppose environment-friendly, CO2-free, 90% efficient safe, nuclear power. Also on Kindle.
spacer In addition to making presentations based on his books, George often speaks on a wide variety of topics at colleges, libraries, Unitarian congregations and other groups with Power Point programs on topics like:
  • Nuclear Power: Climate Change Warrior for the 21st Century
  • A Matter of Degrees: Global Warming is Real!
  • Why Windmills Suck!
  • Ocean Acidification
  • True North: Exploring the Great Wilderness by Bush Plane
  • Laughing at Death
  • Who are Your Heroes?
  • A Humanistic Voyage from Epicurus to George Carlin: Living Humanistically in a Religion-Troubled World
  • The Things We've Believed
  • There's a Book in Me: How do I Get it Out?
spacer After retiring to his original home near Virginia, MN, he initiated and led a successful campaign to build a $1.2 million indoor tennis facility for his hometown. He also helps coach the Virginia boys' and girls' tennis teams, funds scholarships at the Mesabi Range Community College and donates all of his book profits to educational charities.
spacer He is married and has two sons.
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The author donates all of his book profits to educational charities.

George Erickson
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