Essential Nuclear Power - A Power Point Presentation

  • Nuclear Power: Climate Change Warrior for the 21st Century

    As our planet warms and nations create expensive, short-sighted plans to "adapt" to catastrophic changes, why not eliminate one of the largest sources of CO2-caused Climate Change? Why not replace carbon-fueled power plants with modern, safe, efficient Nuclear Power?

    The Industrial Revolution, the genie that delivered the Age of Hydrocarbons and its endless supply of marvels, also had a dark side - a world of melting ice caps, rising sea levels, resource wars, powerful storms, desiccating droughts and increasing acidity that threatens the ocean food chain. Nevertheless, in less than forty years, we can reverse these trends if we replace carbon-burning power plants with new, molten salt reactors that are walk-away safe, create very little waste, and can burn the waste from our older reactors and unused nuclear bombs.

    By 1959, the United States already had a design for a molten salt, thorium-powered reactor that had proven advantages over uranium, but uranium won primarily because U-235 is great for making bombs. And because uranium won, we settled for an Edsel when we could have built a Porsche. Please see - AND ALSO - for 40 minutes of a 100 minute video revealing the tactics used by opponents of nuclear power.
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